Communication Department

 Jim Wagi
Communication Director
Email: [email protected]


Communication is essential to the growth and nurture of the Church and to the proclamation of the Gospel. The Communication Department assists the church in this function through the use of effective communication methods and the mass media. It involves creating a favorable climate for the proclamation of the Gospel through a sound program of public relations.



The primary purpose of the department is to communicate information about the Church and its message both internally and to the general public. The department provides professional skills, resources and training for the communication of information; develops good relations with all of the Church’s “Publics” and promotes the use of mass media in achieving these objectives.



Through the years divine instructions has come to the church concerning the importance of using contemporary communication media in spreading the gospel. We have been counseled:

  • “We must take every justifiable means of bringing the light before the people. Let the press be utilized, and let every advertising agency be employed that will call attention to the work. 6T 36
  • “Means will be devised to reach hearts. Some of the used in this work will be different from the methods used in the work in the past…” Evan. 105



The organization of this ministry calls for the enlistment of support from every denominational worker, layperson, and Seventh-day institution. The Communication Department promotes the use of a sound program of public relations and all contemporary communication technique, sustainable technologies, and media in the promulgation of the everlasting gospel. It calls for the election of a Communication Committee.



  1. Effective and Efficient Communication Network from the Churches to the Headquarters and vise visa.
  2. Communication Department as an instrument for the Promulgation of the Gospel Communication.