Education Department 

 Mr. Gordon Kual
Education Secretary


 Mission Statement

 The Mission of the Seventh day Adventist Church Education Department in the Western Highlands Mission is to develop the Adventist educational communities of faith that promote holistic development in Christ centered worship, loving relationship, academic excellence and practical concern for others through vangelization of gospel commission.


Vision Statement

The WHM Education Department vision is for integral quality human development that appreciates Christian values, reflect God’s creation, prepares for literate, skills and healthy citizen by focusing on vision 2020:


  • Develop Spiritual Master Plan
  • Develop 40 Church Elementary Schools
  • Develop 20 Community and Primary Schools
  • Develop 3 Adventist High Schools
  • Develop Paglum High School to Secondary School Status
  • Develop 1 Technical Vocational Skills Training Centre 



  1. Ethos: To ensure all schools in WHM maintain and promote the Adventist philosophy of education and clearly exhibit an Adventist special character.
  2. People: To develop supportive and co-operative relationship between all levels of people in WHM education.
  3. Curriculum: To ensure well resourced, balanced curriculum, professionally delivered to meetthe students quality learning.