Historical Meeting

Western Highlands Mission has had a historical workers meeting at Mt Hagen from May 4th -9th. It is regarded as such for four reasons. Firstly its attendance has  increased  to more than 300 from  be  the usual 150. Secondly It was the first time the VIA Volunteers , Nurses and Teachers were specially invited and included. Thirdly the record breaking mass ordination of 16 ministers. Two of this were from the office, One  being the mission’s secretary and the other the stewardship Director. The rests were from the field.

There hasn’t been a time in the history of the mission where such number of ministers ordained at anyone time in the past. ten years.

The President Pr Peter Oli said “we have to ordain more pastors to meet the need of the church in this vast mission field . ”

“Recapturing our Vision for mission”was the theme for the meeting . Several preachers and presenters highlighted this  from different angles during the entire week. Dr Agnes Kola was the notable speaker among the many male presenters. She emphasized the importance of minister’s families spiritual need.” We are to fulfill God’s mission and purpose and not meeting church members expectation ”all the time. ” let us not forget that the ministers family is our first field of labor. Devote quality time regularly for your families, praying together with you wives and children ” she said. According to Dr Kola our priorityover work should be in this order. “God first Familysecond and work last”

Pr Managos has elaborated the three Angels message of Revelation 14:6-12. While our mission remains the soldiers of the cross are not to be sleeping sentinels Pr Managos warned the assembling workers. Today “I do not see the excitement I once saw in pastors, volunteers, Teachers and Nurses  for proclaiming the gospel in the 1960s, 1970’s and 1980s .There is silence all around“. Where has that excitement gone. He asked.There is an urgent need for us to immediately recapture the vision for mission . Let’s be excited as the blues and maroons of the famous state of origin in Australia.“ I’m looking for a time when your mission  will be reaching out with a loud cry through Radio, Television and other electronic medium” Pr Managos said. 

Three PNGUM personnel accompanied Pr Managos  and his wife. Each has participated in both the Ordiination and the  meeting. Pr Benjamin Kola offered the special ordination prayer and welcomed them to the ministry.Pr Andrew Opis, delivered the charges. Dr Agness Kola, Mrs Oli and Mrs Managos each had a turn to encourage the wives of the ministers ordained. The three ladies warn their colleagues  to be more wary after the ordination than they were.

Pr Yani’s on behalf of the newly ordained Responded with a startling Question.”Who is my Pastor. A church members knows who his Pastor is and runs for help when he needs a Pastor. But who do I turn to when I have a problem. There was no answer to it. Pr Yani thanked the Church for having confidence upon the young people. ”This is a change of perception because my culture tells me that  I must be ordained when my hairs turned gray.”:

New Secretary for CPC


Central Papuan Conference has a New Secretary, elected in on Thursday April 16 .He is Pr Rex Koi from Kerebugl Village 7 km north of Mt Hagen, replaces  Pr Chris Moses who is soon to leave due to his wife studying abroad  Pr Koi says as an incumbent secretary “I would like to  focus  on implementing the co-orperate plan”.

Pr Koi started his ministry  as a church pastor  at 2 mile NCD in 2004.Two years later he got married to Joy his wife. In the same year he was called by the then CPM office to serve as a youth director.  He served that office for five years.

During those years he was privileged to serve at  the  Division  executive committee as  a member.

Then he went to PAU for further education  from  2011-2013.He was ordained to the gospel ministry in 2013 while ,a student at PAU. PAU employed him Soon after graduation to pastor  its Pidgine  church for all of last year.

His current call came  while he was Pastoring Gordon Church just                            for four months.

The Kois  sixteen  years of service to the church has all been concentrated around then CPM and  now CPC.

Pr and Mrs Koi have 3 children ,ages ranging from 1 to 6 years. Pr Rex is the first Western Highlander to step in to the Church’s administration  arena.

Non Adventist Donates

Waghi clothes, a second hand clothes dealer from Jiwaka has donated 25 bales x 200kg used clothes to WHM. These were delivered to Kimininga on Sunday April 12,2015.

This was resulting from Pr Inia Yari’s successful negotiation. with the company. When asked, as to how it all happened, he said ” it was the practice of the dealer to freely give away clothes to other denominations for charity. So I’ve just asked  to see if they could help us” for which he was given green light.  

Dual Blessings

Jiwaka District has received dual Blessings this year. These have come  in a form of a house for the District Director and an Ambulance for the Minjmu clinic.

The Ambalnce was donated by the jiwaka provincial Government while the house was jointly funded for by the WHM and the laities from there.

 Both of these were officially dedicated to the Lord and commissioned for his service at Minj on Sunday April 19.

Pr Peter Oli  asked the people to  care for the Ambulance. “The government has given it to the church to serve the people and it is the people’s responsibility  to look after it”.

 “ I do not want to see a drunkard driver behind the wheels. Pr Oli warned.  The president thanked the Jiwaka provincial government for recognizing the church in this way. However, there was no representative  from the provincial government present to respond.

Paglum's Status Changes


Paglum  High school  has  changed its status from being a high school to Secondary. This transition come into effect this year following the secondary prestige awarded  last year by the appropriate  educational authorities  from both the church and the state .  In accordance with that it has  started enrolling its first grade  11 this year with 140 students.There were thirty five teaching positions created. But ten of these positions are not yet filled. Apart from that  the school has been elevated to level 9.
The addition  of new grade has automatically  generated several adverse effects. Accommodation stood tall among others for both staff and students.

This was seen  in the  classrooms  and dining hall as well.WHM has signed up an MOU with the Western Highlands Provincial government, basically  to prepare for Paglum’s  grade 11 in take. The provincial government did start the construction with five staff houses, a two story classroom complex with the capacity to accommodate 4 classes and a dormitory for the boys. The staff houses and the classroom are near completion. The dormitory is the  only project that requires more work to be done.

The delay in the disbursement of fund  from the source to the contractor, and from the contractor to the subcontractor is believed to be the main contributing factor for the prolonged interruption. The school’s administration has addressed this issue by erecting three makeshift houses. One for classroom and the other two for dormitories. The makeshift dormitory pictured above  accommodates 42 boys. Despite obstacles  Paglum under Robinson Lana’s leadership with solid support from his subordinates has develop a reputation to soar high above its problems.

Teachers Upgrade

Several primary teachers from our schools have attended the Teachers  Upgrading  course  held at PAU. The school more like a summer as it eventuates at the end of one year and continues to the beginning of the next is beneficial for  our teachers to be better qualified.

The  purpose of this course was to upgrade diploma holders to degree. It is initiated by the church’s education department for this very reason.

Representatives Teachers comprised of both genders from Kimininga, Togoba, Koimal, Silim, Habare and Komo schools were among other attendees. Lecturers from Sonoma were facilitators of the course. 


3ABN Extends to Mendi, Southern Highlands Province

3ABN’s  retransmission side in Mendi Southern Highlands province was opened on Friday September 5,2014. The three hundred thousand kina worth project was completed within a year. It was officiated by three members of parliament, namely Finance minister James Marape, Mendi MP De Kewano and Kutubu Nipa MP Jeffery Komal.

The chairman of that project Mose Palipe said, it all in one little metaphor.”we  build garden to grow food to eat and live. We’ve put in time effort and resource to this project just for one purpose-showing the people of Mendi the right way to heaven”. He was acknowleged  for the crucial role he has played  to successfully getting this huge evangelism medium off the ground. Mendi MP De Kewano  realzing the challenges associated with such project recognize Moses and his committee’s effort. He said “Moses, I thank God for raising you up to this level”. He also made an undisclosed financial commitment which shall be made known later. The provincial government was represented by the deputy governor James Tia. He said “we as provincial government recognize 3ABN and welcome it to Mendi. we have committed one hundred thousand kina to support that project.” he continued. The transmission side located at Mendi’s pioneer Church Shunda ,will beam Mendi with the everlasting gospel twenty four hours a day.

This is the second 3ABN retransmitting side in the Western highlands Mission. We hope to get two more sides erected before the year ends. In the mean time we are praying and encouraging other areas to align themselves with 3ABN untill all the seven provinces comprised the Mission are  linked up with 3ABN.Finally we as a church do very much appreciate the vital contribution of our laities. This really shows that they are  the Church. It is our sincere prayer to everyone that contributed to giving existence to 3ABN Mendi, May the good lord visit you at your place in His time.

Non Adventist MP Funds for 3ABN 

Kutubu Nipa MP honorable Jeffery Komal a non Adventist has revealed in Mendi on Friday at the 3ABN retransmission station opening that he will fund for  constructing 3ABN retransmission side in his electorate. He said “I have SDA population in my electorate. Therefore l have made financial provision for them. I watch 3ABN in Port Moresby. It is a program that presents health message which I enjoy and I believe it will contribute to making my people healthy. I have the money for it. You come and get it and start work on it. ”This I believe is one best investment I can make for my people.”

The MP gently speaking with smiles shocked the assembled crowd with this amazing announcement. The crowd responded with a huge applaud of thanks.

He further said “SDA Church you are colorful today. I like it, it is not by mistake. It is God’s timing. I see your organization as an ideal venue where we can apply the Church Government partnership program.”

It is believed that the PNG finance minister James Marape an Adventist together with the Holy Spirit has silently  influenced a man like Jeffery Komal. When asked as if this is true, honorable Marape said it simply “ my brother may God be glorified and be lifted. For we just do what little we can do for the big thing the Lord has done on calvery and is continuing up in heaven right now.” 


5000 Attend Congress

Wet weather didn’t dampen the spirits of about 5000 people who attended the Adventist Community Service (ACS) congress coordinated by the Western Highlands Mission (WHM) and held at Ulya, the mission’s campsite.

 Delegates came from seven provinces and were organised into their provincial groups for the main activities.

 Guest speaker, Professor James North Jr from Andrews University, addressed the evening meetings on the theme of God’s grace, while PNG Union Mission’s associate secretary, Pastor Henry Monape, delivered the “morning manna”.

 Attendees endured the wet conditions, with some standing for the entire nightly meetings. Pastor Monape commended their bravery, saying it showed their commitment to God, His Church and their leaders. “When the people are determined to take a courageous stand, nothing will stop them from doing what they want to do for God,” he said.

 The congress paid tribute to the newly created Hela and Jiwaka provinces, allowing them to raise their own provincial flags. Hela province had 23 attendees baptised at the congress.

 This was the first Adventist Community Service congress for a decade, after being reactivated by ACS director Pastor Samuel Mollen.

 “I was so excited to see delegates coming in number,” he said, thanking delegates and mission administration for making the event a reality. He thanked church members in WHM for providing food and cash to the delegates. “That initiative took the congress the extra mile,” he said.

Church damaged by falling branch

Nemong Adventist church in Mt Hagen has suffered significant damage after an overhanging tree branch fell onto the church’s roof on August 14.

 The fallen branch crushed the church’s tin roof and forced the entire building structure out of shape.

 A church stewardship meeting was being held in the church at the time of the incident. No injuries have been reported.

 Representatives of the Adventist Church’s Western Highlands Mission said church members have “wept bitterly” over the loss.

 The Nemong church was built five years ago by a Volunteers In Action team, with support from the South Queensland Conference.

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Leaders Welcomed 

The SDA Church population of Hella Province has given an enormous welcome to the new administrators of the western Highlands Mission. This ceremony eventuated at Habare early this year .

The Mission delegation  comprised of the President Pr Peter Oli , his wife Ruth and the CFO Mr Bray Yomba was lead to the side by the Mission’s senior Accountant Mr Sam Taki. Besides Sam were other companions , the education Director Gordon Kual and the Building Supervisor Joseph Irari.

The drive to Tari  from Mt Hagen obviously was long and wearisome. But meeting the assembled expectant host upon arrival proved it worthy. The crowd, consisting of all the age groups neatly dressed in black and white uniform  lined up in files and ranks were marching. The jubilant crowd’s performance at that moment was reaching its peak. That was followed by a gradual but a steadily forming a guard of honor.The guests were lead to the stage through this.

There they  were wreathed with knitted wool and head band. Speakers from both the guests and the host sides presented Speeches. Pr Michael Pokoraija from the host indicated creating more Districts for the province for better serving the people. He said: “The District is big by both population and land mass”.  The administration did not give an answer to that.

Pr Oli delivered three special sermons for three consecutive nights that would consolidate and revitalize the faith and lives of the believers there.

Mr Bray Yomba the new CFO said after returning from Tari : “ I saw the people there were united in purpose and mission, Their relationship with their God was  apparently intact as was their connection in that regard with one another” 


New Department Directors

Western Highlands Mission’ s Executive committee sitting in March has appointed three new department directors. They are for  stewardship , Youth and a volunteer for Partners in Ministry .  Gaza Asitore  comes in to head steward ship. He is from Kamaliki village Eastern Highlands Province. He joined us in 2009 after passing out of Sonoma collage. He is married to Nancy. They have six children, three biological sons and two adopted,a son and a daughter. They have served Western Highlands Mission for five years. He was called to this  post/ office from Kimining where he served as a church pastor.

His predeceaser Pr Zachary Lipen is soon to leave for further study ,

Ruth Oli comes in as a volunteer to continue coordinating PIMS from where Judy Bani left Mrs Oli, like her husband is full of experience in this field as she was doing this for the Union before  she together with her  husband was called to WHM. However “every locality has its own unique Challenges So does  WHM “ admitted Mrs Oli. One example of this is the field here is wide where the Pastors wives are scattered abroad. This is true particularly in the remote locations like sandaon, Kopiago and north fly Districts just to name a few.

Timothy Michael substitutes Pr Aki Pawa who has gone for further study. He hails from Lake Kopiago, one of our remote districts. He is a Sonoma graduate, served the mission as church pastor and mission Evangelist for  12 years. Timothy is married to  Netty. They have a seven months old son. Timothy’s priority is  to reactivate  youth activities in the Districts where  youth department is inactive  and remained stagnant for so long. He  also  is  thinking of looking for ways to subsidies youth materials especially  the Uniforms.



Douglas strahan a retired certified builder from Brisbane Australia has been a regular

volunteer at Kimininga (PNG)Church building. He started coming for that job in July 2010.

So far he has come up six times for the same Job. Each of this time he has paid his own air fare to and from Brisbane. When asked what keeps him coming Douglas simply said “an incomplete job. I just don’t have the courage to go away when my mind keeps reminding me about an unfinished work left behind”.

Douglas comes up here when the church raises some money to  buy materials  sufficient for the certain section of the church. This time Douglas was able to help with the ceiling where he not only  made provision for nailing 130 sheets of 6mm plywood but nailed them in four weeks.

We would like to acknowledge, Ben Yano and his boys from Eastern highlands who have come up here a couple of times making similar contribution as was Douglas. Says Gaza Asitore

Then Kimininga Church pastor.

Joy Bells Contributes to Church Building

Joy Bells Ministry  Mt Hagen PNG is making significant contribution  for  building churches in  the Western Highland Mission. They, like Volunteers In Action have come in  to minimize  thatched  roofing. So far they have built three churches, two  in the western highlands and  one in the southern highlands . Koklamp  in the  Western Highlands  is  the  third one  since the project was launched last year.  Joy Bells  provides materials sufficient for the  roofing and the cladding for a Church 7mx 14m. This is  a great achievement for this group of volunteers. Ninety percent of the group are subsistence farmers .They’ve just experimented it out  and it just worked out well in their favor. This is  a great reward for  the ordinary people With less money  stepped out in faith  in the super God to get done  something constructive for His glory. their faith in the great God who owns  a thousand  cattles on the hills has made all the difference for  crowning their effort.

Enoch Rapenda  Chairman of the group  says  “needs are everywhere, both far and near. It is visible only to those who prayerfully   look around to identify  and then provide for. We are  aiming for 50  Churches before two thousand and twenty  but if the Lord wants to bless us with more than  that we are here for it”.

President consoles Grieving Father

Pr Peter Oli the President voluntarily joined in the few Adventist that were going to visit Robert Malchi .Robert was grieving over the death of Charlie, one of Robert’s grown up sons. Charlie was killed by  his own truck  when it went off the road due  to brake  failure.

Robert is the only leader from the Yamka tribe, one of the three major tribes surrounding Mt Hagen City that has accepted Jesus Christ and joined the SDA Church. The President hasn’t been here long enough but he quickly established relationship with the members of the household of faith God called him to serve. Pr Oli says “just before i returned during my first visit, Robert came for hands shake with me”. This is a token of both acknowledgement and appreciation. That experience would linger in Roberts memory.

Pr Oli was invited to conduct the official burial service. In that pr Oli has comforted the grieving family and the relatives to keep alive their hope of the second coming which brings reunion with lost loved ones never to part again.

A contact of this nature will contribute to demolish wall of partition and pave the way for the gospel to enter both the villages and in to the hearts of the balk of Roberts relatives there. May we ask our readers to join us pray for this please.