Gaza Asitore


Growing quality disciples and trustworthy stewards for God


To support, train and resource church members to become faithful administrators and prudent managers of God’s grace and justness.


1. Growing faithful stewards as guardians of the true knowledge of God

2. Growing faithful stewards as protector of the sanctity of life.

In light of the world theme “Go Tell” the Stewardship Department in Western Highlands Mission is challenged to capture, integrate and facilitate the vision and mission of the world church.

Foremost in this venture is the effort to promote Christ-like living by His stewards in a world of fashion, pride and secularism (Mathew 5:16). Disease is everywhere; in the food, the water and the air we breathe. There is no guarantee of wellness in the society.

In such a world, God’s people are to be the mouth, the eye, the hands and feet of God to the world (1 Peter 2:9).

To facilitate this, several goals have been set for this quinquennium. The first goal is to publish a quarterly Spirit of Prophecy (CS) pamphlet to all the local churches in the mission, outlined in topical series to be used in stewardship revival meetings in the local church (reach up). Secondly, the Stewardship Department in WHM is embarking on the involvement of the members in the mission of the church by creating avenues for tangible small scale community projects (skills training) thus increasing the number of new interests. (Reach Out). Finally, we trust by God’s grace that in light of what we are doing in 1 & 2 we capture the interest of the church. More young people are involved in the work of the church and thus maintain a reasonable retention rate of members. (Reach Across)

3. Growing faithful stewards as prudent managers of talents

4. Growing faithful stewards as administrators of the environment

5. Growing faithful stewards as faithful disciples and apostles of the Gospel Commission.